The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Men


Men and women have always had problems understanding each other. In this article, we are going to try to help women understand their men better. Understanding men is all about knowing how men think, react or behave in different situations. As complex as men appear to be, it is possible to understand them to reduce conflict. Below is the ultimate guide to understanding men.

Understanding men and their financial role in a relationship

Men are naturally supposed to be breadwinners. This shouldn’t however be taken to mean that women shouldn’t support their men financially. Men will inwardly thank you for helping them out where you can even if they haven’t asked for your help. Women however tend to make mistakes when it comes to this subject matter.

The mistake lies in trying to take up entire tasks or leaving entire tasks to the man. When a woman does one of the above, problems arise. For instance, if she doesn’t offer her man any financial support, the man may start seeing the woman as a gold digger as opposed to a homemaker.

On the contrary, when women take up entire tasks that are supposed to be the man’s, they risk making their men feel inferior. It is therefore better for women to offer financial support in moderation. Doing this ensures both parties remain comfortable playing their respective roles in the relationship.

Understanding men and their sex life

Understanding your man and his sex life is another very important ingredient to sustaining a healthy relationship. Most men cheat when they feel they aren’t getting enough sex from their spouses. Men also tend to cheat when they feel they are not getting good sex. You may not know this because sex is an awkward subject to talk about even between couples however, you must be willing to learn your man’s body language if you are keen on safeguarding your relationship.

You shouldn’t wait for him to tell you he needs sex. Observe how he behaves to pick up signs. You can also try asking what he wants in bed however don’t rely too much on what he says. You can go as far as using the trial and error method to pick up exactly what he likes. It is also advisable to say what you like so that sex serves its intended purpose i.e. it becomes enjoyable as opposed to being a task.

Men and infidelity

It is a fact that men have a higher tendency to cheat than women.  One of the most popular question is why men cheat?  This can be attributed to the fact that men are polygamous in nature. This shouldn’t however be mistaken to mean that women are powerless when it comes to keeping their men to themselves. There are a number of things women can do to reduce infidelity. One of the most important things is striving to make your man a true friend and confidant. By doing this, you will have converted yourself into a priceless mate who can’t be replaced. This way, even if your man looks around, he will think twice before he touches other women because he can’t stand the thought of loosing you.

Understanding men and their friends

This is another important subject about men you should strive to understand. It is normal to wonder what your man does when he is with his friends. In most cases men are up to no good when they are out drinking with their friends. You shouldn’t however voice your displeasure openly about his choice of friends if you are keen on having a long-lasting relationship with him. This is simply because men talk a lot with their friends about their relationships. His friends usually have some level of influence over him. They have the unelected job of approving and disapproving your relationship. If for one second they think you do not approve of them, they are more likely to do the same to you. It is therefore better to have his friends on your side from the start as opposed to disapproving them. This approach works wonders on the day of reckoning.


The above guide is adequate enough to give you a head start when dealing with your man and to understand what men want . It only takes some willingness to understand your man and that’s it. You will definitely be on your way to a better, mutually satisfying relationship.


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